Founded in 1962, M&M PLATING INC. is an ISO 9001 Certified Plating Company focused on being a leading supplier of Zinc and Zinc-Nickel,Black Oxide,Cadmium,Phosphate,Hard Chrome,Nickle electroplating. Our 27,000 square foot facility is designed to handle any requirement-from a 1/16 inch rivet to a 12 foot long frame, from a small prototype run to a large volume stamping job. We process Thousands of pounds of material each day and pride ourselves on short lead times for your big orders. In addition to consistent high quality finishes we offer other conveniences such as local pick up/delivery.Based in Toronto, We pick / Up and Deliver in G.T.A. SERVICES :ZINC PLATING: Description of Zinc. : Why choose M&M PLATING TORONTO INC.  Zinc Plating Toronto. Zinc Plating is a widely available solution for protecting steel parts from corrosion. It is commonly chosen because it is cost effective, offers excellent corrosion protection and features an attractive blueish/silver appearance. One of the unique properties of zinc plating is that it is a sacrificial coating, meaning it will continue to protect a parts surface even if the coating becomes scratched and bare metal is exposed. Zinc plating is a two- part electrolytic process that utilizes a current of electricity to deposit a thin layer of Zinc onto a parts surface. The zinc layer coats the part acting as a protective barrier against moisture and ultimately corrosion. Typically, once a part has been plated, a chromate conversion coating is applied over the plating to boost the overall performance of the finish by offering protection to the zinc layer. The chromate film prevents white rust formation which is produced when the zinc layer corrodes. Since conversion coatings vary in their corrosion protection abilities, selection of the appropriate chromate or passivate will be influenced by the end use of the part being coated. Two types of conversion coatings are hexavalent and trivalent. Hexavalent chromates, also referred to as dichromates, have been around for decades and up until about 20 years ago were the standard choice among many OEM’s. They offer a superior level of corrosion protection at a low cost. However, usage of hexavalent chromium has steadily decreased due to regulations such as the Reduction of Hazardous Substances Directive (RoHS), which bans hexavalent chromium in products sold to the European Union. Trivalent conversion coatings do not contain hexavalent chromium which makes them RoHS compliant. Their corrosion resistance performance has increased significantly and most OEMs specify them as a replacement for hexavalent chromates. Depending on the surface condition of the part chromate can also provide cosmetic benefits such as giving the part a brighter and more uniform appearance or changing the color of the part. There are various color options available such as Clear (sliver/blue appearance), Yellow, Black and Olive Drab (green).  Available in almost all colours,here is a brief description of the benifs of using our zinc plating service.  Zinc Electroplating will  -Improve the corrosion resistance of your parts.  -A cost effective way to insuree protection indoor and out. -Enhance aesthetic appeal of your parts. RACK OR BARREL ZINC PLATING. Rack plating is a process used to plate large, delicate or complex parts that cannot be finished through barrel plating. M&M PLATING INC. has a high capacity  rack lines with oversized tanks to accommodate large parts. Barrel plating is processed with our multiple automatic barrel zinc and zinc nickel lines Processing thousands of pounds of material on a daily basis.Quality and service is the main focus and insuring your work is certified to the specifications provided. 


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