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M&M PLATING INC.specializes in high quality and volume rack, barrel, and basket plating. Our extensive list of services include Zinc,Nickel,Cadmium,Electroless Nickel,Passivation of Stainless Steel,Phosphate and Tin plating and so much more..Our extensive customer base is a wide spectrum of aerospace,automotive,and Tier 1,2,3 manufacturers.

Let our expert staff guide you to the right finish required for your parts.

  Plating Services :

Black Trivalent Zinc Plating Service.

    Electroless Nickel       

M&M PLATING INC. Electroless Nickel Plating  is a nickel phos alloy deposit plated by chemical reduction, without applying an external electrical current, onto a suitable substrate. Electroless Nickel Plating provides very uniform, hard, lubricious coatings. The deposit uniformity allows plating of various coating thicknesses on any section of a part exposed to fresh plating solution. Grooves, slots, blind holes, threads, and even the inside of tubing can have the same thickness of coating. As a direct result of the deposit uniformity many post-plate finishing steps such as grinding, can be eliminated, thus lowering overall costs.
By varying the percentage of phosphorus in the coating, deposits can be produced that exhibit a variety of properties.High phosphorus deposits (> 10% by weight) - yield deposits that are non-magnetic and highly corrosion resistant.Lower phosphorus deposits (< 8% by weight) - yield proportionately harder deposits with excellent wear resistance.

         Bright Zinc

Zinc plating is mostly used in the automotive industry. One of the main reasons why zinc electroplating is preferred is because of its compatibility with any type of metal. Zinc also can produce a range of colours – right from its original silvery-gray finish to blue, yellow, and black. In addition to providing corrosion resistance and exceptional adhesion, zinc plating also gives a smooth finish to metal components.

     Bright Tin Plating. 

M&M PLATING INC. Tin plating services offers a very useful as an anti-galling or low-resistant surface which protects against corrosion.  Tin plating is a very solderable surface.  Tin plating is good in many service conditions depending on the thickness of the deposit and the applicable environment.  Plated per MIL-T-10727 and ASTM-B-545


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